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Everything without tells the individual that he is nothing; everything within persuades him that he is everything. - Xavier Doudan

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Vegan Mom in a Non-Vegan World

Additional Reading

by Kelly the SheDontEatMeat girl
Kelly is a proud vegan mom. Her website will not be available for a while. Be sure to check it out in the future.

Our world isn't really cut out for raising a child to believe in non-violence and goodwill to all, but we can try. From the meaty kid's meals pushed by a cheery clown to the kids at the park playing kill-kill - it's a challenge, but one that is worth every bit of energy we put into it. Life as a vegan mom means bucking tradition. But that's what we're all about anyway, right?

Yep, you drive past McDonalds - the greasy world of free toys and playground - to a healthier place that will serve you food that wasn't murdered and soaked in artery-cloggin' oils. You have to quickly hide/dispose of the toy guns and non-vegan treats that clueless relatives give your child. You have to answer countless questions from your innocent offspring while avoiding saying your (true thoughts).

"Some people choose to eat meat, baby, they just don't realize how bad it is to the animals yet. Everyone has to learn on their own." (Yes. She is horrible for eating that chicken!) ... "I'm not sure why they want to play pretend guns, why don't you see if they want to play on the swings instead?" (Idiot parents allowing their kids to pretend to kill each other! And they wonder why so many kids DO kill people!).

You search and search to find decent non-leather shoes for rapidly growing little feet. And then there is the always being prepared with vegan snacks and goodies. Just in case the other kids are eating treats, your child won't be left out!

Well-meaning acquaintances will insist that children cannot live without meat and milk. "Why, that's just neglectful! The protein, the iron!" Neglectful to feed them a healthy, nutritious diet? Nah, not in the least bit. Most of the time these comments come from people who pull through a drive thru for their kids "meals". Uneducated opinions mean nothing! In one ear and out the other - that's my advice. Then there are the friends that think you are depriving your child, forcing him to eat this way against his will! Well, aren't most kids in America being deprived of nutritious foods? Don't most children eat what their parents tell them to? What's wrong with parents educating themselves and feeding their kid what is obvious the best for them? Nothing.

Nothing is wrong with it at all, don't let people make you question yourself when you know what you are doing is right. The funny thing is, most veggie kids don't feel like they are missing out a bit. They are just as turned off by eating animal remains as anyone should be. Tons of children refuse to eat meat until it is introduced many, many times. Kids have such amazing natural instincts. They don't get enough credit for knowing as much as they do. At such young ages, kids are relatively unaffected by society, so when they make decisions, it's just what comes naturally to them.

It was a wonderful experience and I want to reveal my honest thank you and your colleagues for your huge work into making this convention the win that it surely was.


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What puzzles me is that so many people seem to equate eating junk food with being happy. Not eating that piece of cake your grandmother offered you means you are missing out, being deprived, miserable! They seem to think that you cannot be a happy, fulfilled person if you are passing by sweets! It is much, much worse if Mommy says, "That isn't vegan..." If that's why the child refuses it, well that's just a work of the devil!

What they don't realize is that these same children will literally attack a vegan cake. Remove the cruelty and see what happens! But in all honesty, kids that are exposed to and offered healthy food choices will make healthy food choices on their own. My son will ignore all the junk foods in the grocery store and beg for strawberries or watermelon! Obviously there is a lot of do-what-I-do involved in teaching children this. Forget the fried foods or snacks; give me some cucumbers and tomatoes! So while being a vegan mom in a totally un-vegan world may require a little extra fast-thinking, in the long run, it's a small price to pay for a conscious, non-violent, socially aware child.